Tunneling methods are being called on more and more today because the environmental and social impacts of pipeline construction can be significantly and cost-effectively reduced when these methods are used.


Where deep trench excavations are required, Tunneling methods may have economic advantages in terms of lower construction costs. In addition, Tunneling methods can accomplish difficult pipeline/box culvert line installations in challenging geologic conditions with good control of line and grade.


This study discusses some of the key design aspects for Tunneling projects. Aspects that are addressed include: geotechnical considerations; Tunneling equipment requirements; alignment and staging area considerations; jacking and receiving pits; jacking pipes; specification provisions; and production rates and project costs.


It should be noted that in Indonesia the definition of Tunneling has expanded to all remote-controlled and non remote control of Pipe-Jacking or Box Jacking operations and Tunneling could be definition as limited man or non-man entry diameters, i.e., less than 23-in. diameter (non long distance).

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